I am Silver


I breathe in pollution,

Perhaps it is

The murk caused by



I feel their scorching gazes

Upon me

And I feel my shield

Take over


I want to breathe

But all I sense is disapproval

And the disappointment

Of yet another


I wish I was like them

And even as I wish so

I know I’m too far

From the mundane –


I am too close to

My soul,

One that believes in the

Unification of my senses


I am too synchronised

With the tangled

Symphony of a cloudless

Sky, blowing a light breeze


I cared and dared

To breathe in what they gave me

And I realised

I had to let go of toxic air


I waited

And the judgment was back

But I felt slightly lighter


I could see

I could hear

I could feel

I could smell


And all I smelled was pungent



And I hated back


And I fought back


And I tried

To win them back…


And soon

I realised

That I am me

And I am silver, like steel.


I am like them

And yet I am not.

I am like them

And yet I gleam like they do not.


I realised

I do not blend in

For I will always stand out


I do not appear in


And in falsehood


For I am above and beyond


For I am blissful when

In synchronisation with

My soul


For I am me




I do not blend





The Dreamcatcher Series

I visited a poor community of people close to where I live.

I asked them to hold up a dreamcatcher, so I could click a photo of them, after which I asked them what their ambitions were.

I received an interesting set of responses, from children and adults alike.

Most children wish to grow up to educate others. Most adults wish to lead a life where they are not required to work all day just to obtain the most basic form of comfortable living, such as, a safe home.

It was an incredibly touching experience, and I am now in the ideation and brainstorming stage of working towards a better future for this community and others around.


Artistic Expression – About Me

For someone who has never had trouble articulating, I was initially rendered speechless and thoughtful when posed with this question.

I am undoubtedly an extremely expressive person, relentlessly animated with gestures, and absurd expressions that just about describe what I feel.

Artistically, however, my expression usually comes through in various forms. I begin here, at writing, innately emphatic in my approach, even as I tend to beat around the bush often (but you probably noticed that, already!). I may whisper, and I may SCREAM; I may sing melodiously, and I may screech. I might giggle merrily, or sob in a frenzied state of agony – all, in my writing; and you will always know. I usually write a lot of poetry, which is my favourite mode of expression and sometimes, I write short stories, too.

Writing is an important part of me but it is not the only way I express myself. I also dance, play musical instruments, and cook.

When I dance, I express my confidence and my boldness, while exploring inner sensuality. When I play music, I express my determination and commitment, for I have always learned to play instruments by myself. When I cook, I express my creativity, and love for innovation, as I blend strange and unexplored flavours together, for the sake of experimentation.

Thus, to answer your question, this is how I express myself – This is who I am.


Have You Felt Infinite? (A Book Review)

(The Perks of Being a Wallflower – A Review)

Has there ever been a moment in your life, when you felt ‘infinite’? If the first thing that flashed in your head was the thought of three teenagers driving through a tunnel, ocean waves, and lights downtown, I know you’ve read ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’!

A simple, powerfully written, enthralling book about growing up, it moved me to tears, with its sheer brilliance. Written by Stephen Chbosky, in the year, 1999, it seems fresh and captivating, even 14 years later.

A simple, yet, haunting book, it provokes the imagination and wonder of the reader. Being a heartfelt story about growing up and the emotional and physical trauma that adolescents encounter, it has been written surprisingly bluntly. It takes the reader into the world of Charlie, the main character, who narrates his story through a series of letters, whose receiver’s identity remains a mystery. In fact, there is no mention of Charlie’s family name, no mention of places, and is, all-in-all, very mysterious, which leaves the reader wondering what might have been the reaction of the person who Charlie addresses his letters to.

The reader is taken for a roller-coaster ride through the obscure world of high school, through first dates, family crises, through loneliness, friendship, sex, drugs, and music.

Every time that I read a book, I can always point out my favorite character. In this book, however, the characters seem more real, and I cannot pick any single person. In fact, they seem so real to me, that I found myself wishing I could meet them, and live through the life-changing experiences that they live through, in the book. The story has a marvelous hint of suspense throughout it, and it kept me guessing. I couldn’t find the strength to put down the book, when bedtime arrived much faster than usual, and I found myself reading under the covers, in minimum light. That’s how gripping I found the book.

My favorite part of the book, which I have to shed a dim light on, has to be the part where Charlie mentions how he feels “infinite”. I cannot explain to you what it means, if you haven’t read the book; It’s the kind of feeling you understand when you’re so engrossed in something, that nothing else seems to make sense anymore.

By the end of the book, I was in tears. There were tears of sadness, joy, delight at having read something so mind-numbing and beautiful, the feeling of being “infinite”-It was ALL THERE!

The only complaint that I had against the author was, that the book ended too soon. Although, it wasn’t an abrupt end, I couldn’t help wishing there was more to something as breathtaking as this.

If you are an adolescent, embarking on the journey of the teenage years, or if you are a teenager, this book is a MUST read. Whether you are a boy, or a girl, read it. I assure you, you will feel “infinite” at the end, especially if you are an avid reader, like I am.


If I had to rate it, I’d give it: 10/10, for the plot, the writing style, for the usage of grammar, and for a lovely gift to humanity.