Artistic Expression – About Me

For someone who has never had trouble articulating, I was initially rendered speechless and thoughtful when posed with this question.

I am undoubtedly an extremely expressive person, relentlessly animated with gestures, and absurd expressions that just about describe what I feel.

Artistically, however, my expression usually comes through in various forms. I begin here, at writing, innately emphatic in my approach, even as I tend to beat around the bush often (but you probably noticed that, already!). I may whisper, and I may SCREAM; I may sing melodiously, and I may screech. I might giggle merrily, or sob in a frenzied state of agony – all, in my writing; and you will always know. I usually write a lot of poetry, which is my favourite mode of expression and sometimes, I write short stories, too.

Writing is an important part of me but it is not the only way I express myself. I also dance, play musical instruments, and cook.

When I dance, I express my confidence and my boldness, while exploring inner sensuality. When I play music, I express my determination and commitment, for I have always learned to play instruments by myself. When I cook, I express my creativity, and love for innovation, as I blend strange and unexplored flavours together, for the sake of experimentation.

Thus, to answer your question, this is how I express myself – This is who I am.



2 thoughts on “Artistic Expression – About Me

  1. This is probably the loveliest “About Me” post I’ve read. I feel like I know you already! Poetry is one of my favourite forms of self-expression as well.

    – Tamara


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